Map Views

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Keep private building areas out of public view

MazeMap’s platform allows you to customize your map to suit your needs. Multiple map views of the same space can be created, giving you the ability to grant different user groups with different access permissions.

Tailor map views for different user groups

You can also choose to display different map views for employees versus visitors from outside of your organization. For employees, you might want to highlight staff rooms, locker rooms, and any other areas that will be useful to them. For visitors, you have the option to only show the public spaces that can be accessed without a key card.

Create work routes for cleaning and maintenance staff

You can set your cleaning personnel up with a map that shows them only their working route, with all of the relevant supply cupboards marked out along the way. For service personnel, you can choose to display only the service areas that they will need to use.

Cleaning staff using a machine with a phone next to it showing the path

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