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Why venue navigation?

Finding your way around a conference venue can be challenging. Communicating to visitors how to navigate and where to go is even more challenging. Our tools improve the visitor experience, allowing attendees to navigate seamlessly and locate their colleagues or contacts, as well as increasing visibility for exhibitors.

Adapt to changing layouts

Your map can be adapted to reflect different event layouts, so that your visitors always know where to go.

Event wayfinding
Conference wayfinding

Improve the visitor experience

With MazeMap, you can show your conference visitors where certain facilities are located. Visitors can search for stands, stages, or amenities such as places to eat. This helps to save time and energy for attendees, giving them a stress-free conference experience. For conferences or events with existing mobile apps or websites, MazeMap can increase the value by offering easy integration with our maps.

Increase visibility for exhibitors

By offering your exhibitors a presence on the conference map, you can increase their visibility amongst other attendees.

Event maps
Conference map

Help attendees find each other

Finding your colleagues at large conventions or events among thousands of other visitors can be difficult. Often it's too noisy to give directions via phone. Find My Friends takes away the frustration and helps you navigate to your selected groups (whilst also maintaining your privacy).

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Case Study: Cisco Live

Find out how we helped 9000 attendees at Cisco Live with our Find my Friends solution.

Jeremy Bevin, VP, Cisco

“Find my Friends was more popular than Tinder!”

Jeremy Bevin
Vice president, Cisco
9000 out of 14 000 attendees at Cisco Live used

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