Map Editor

Have control over your map paths, icons, and colors with Map Editor. Learn more >>

Our clients get access to the Map Editor tool, allowing them to customize paths, create custom map icons, and add color-coding.

Woman working on our Map Editor on her computer

Customize map paths

Make paths accessible

Create accessible paths for users who need to use the elevators and ramps instead of stairs

Show areas as off-limits

If a particular building area is closed - for example, during renovations - you can mark these areas as off-limits in your map and redirect map paths via a different route

Different routes

You have the freedom to choose which routes you’d prefer to send users

Create Custom Map Icons

Group together POIs by category for better searchability

If you have your own POI icons, these can be added to your map

Choose which points of interest (POIs) you’d like to display

A picture showing the map editor interface where you can color code the maps

Color code your maps

With our Map Editor tool, you have the ability to color-code rooms, desks, and other polygons on your map

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