User Analytics

View and monitor bookings through resource booking statistics

Optimize the usage of your buildings

MazeMap’s User Analytics provides on-the-glance booking visualisation. The integration with Office 365 or Google calendars allows User Analytics to intuitively show which spaces are booked and which are free.

To become data-driven and get strategic insights into space utilization, MazeMap provides you with an overview of the usage and present statistics on resource bookings.

Indoor Mapping TechnologyIndoor Mapping Technology

Why User Analytics?

It gives you a snapshot of your buildings over the past 7 days

It shows staff bookings and cancellations per date

Graphical presentation of the no. of people currently in the office, and which floor they're at

Analytics provides you with a detailed overview of desk booking - by desk and date

Analytics operates in full compliance with GDPR

By providing the user with a detailed overview of errors, troubleshooting is made easier

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