Wayfinding for Universities

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Why campus navigation?

Finding your way around campus areas can be a challenge, especially for new students or visitors. MazeMap provides a solution to this challenge with our robust indoor mapping. Our solutions not only help with wayfinding, but also allow you to book spaces, monitor occupancy, and manage your facilities more efficiently.

Improve student experience

Digital campus wayfinding helps to reduce stress and uncertainty for staff, students, visitors, and service personnel, reducing instances of lateness or missed classes.

It's also a great tool for planning open days, showing potential students that there will be an easy transition into university life.

Indoor maps app

Make it easier to collaborate

With our space booking tools, students and staff can reserve rooms, lecture halls, study areas, or desk spaces. Available spaces can be visualized on the map, allowing users to find free ones at a glance, or locate the closest available rooms to their current location.

Facilities management system

Aid with facilities management

MazeMap integrates with facilities management systems (FMS) and can be used to track assets, infrastructure, and resources, or to mark out work routes for maintenance and cleaning staff.

Case Study: NTNU

NTNU was one of the very first universities in the world to get indoor navigation. Learn more about how MazeMap helped students and staff to find their way around campus.

NTNU students save 22,500 hours overall each year with the help of MazeMap
Chris Dixon, Head of IT Partnering and Innovation, Lancaster University

“MazeMap is much more than simply a Map, you can think of it as a powerful mapping and routing platform. By using a combination of APIs to programmatically access the mapping engine as well overlays to provide additional mapping layers, you can achieve lots of interesting use cases. Once you start to explore the APIs then you can find new and exciting ways of presenting and receiving information, you will find that it’s super flexible, easy to use and easy to connect to other apps and frameworks.”

- Chris Dixon, Head of IT Partnering and Innovation at Lancaster University
Picture of 
Jeroen Van Ingen Schenau, Sr Network Engineer, University of Twente

"We love MazeMap for two reasons. First, because it's the most user friendly indoor map and navigation tool that we could find. And second, because of its openness and great APIs - this allows us to quickly develop our own overlays, visualizations and integrations with the platform."

- Jeroen van Ingen Schenau, Sr Network Engineer, University of Twente
Claes Asker, CIO at Karlstad University

“Students get a lot of value from finding their way with MazeMap! They do it faster and better which in turn increases satisfaction.”

- Claes Asker, CIO at Karlstad University
Picture of Chris Dixon, Head of IT Partnering and Innovation at Lancaster University

“The learning environment is more productive and less stressful. Now, during exams, more students arrive on time.”

- Alicia Churchill, Project Manager, Bergen University College
Picture of Liz Gosling, CIO at AUT

“The MazeMap platform makes wayfinding around our campuses simpler and has been extremely popular.”

- Liz Gosling, Chief Information Officer at AUT
A black and white image of Marit Grønning-Moe

“We recommend MazeMap to everyone who drops by and asks for directions to buildings or rooms. It’s students, employees, external, and delivering companies. We have the impression that this is genius.”

- Marit Grønning-Moe, Senior Engineer, NTNU Maintenance Section

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