Find My Friends

A location finding service to help you find your friends and colleagues in large spaces. Learn more >>

Find your friends and colleagues

MazeMap’s Find My Friends feature is designed for a range of different venues including universities, hospitals, offices, and conferences. Help students locate their study buddies, allow colleagues to find each other at opposite ends of the building, and help contacts to connect at conferences.

A conference with friends highlighted on the picture as well as on the map on the side.
"Find my nurse/doctor" is shown on a phone, highlighting the people on the map.

Help doctors and nurses find each other

MazeMap has developed a service allowing doctors and nurses to see in real-time where their colleagues are located in the hospital. In times when it can be difficult to locate the right staff members, this service allows staff to find the resources they desperately need, quickly and efficiently.

Maintain privacy

Find My Friends uses the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to obtain a user’s location. Only users that have actively accepted an invitation to join a group will be tracked and they can opt-out at any time. All user positions are obtained in a secure way via Cisco CMX. To further improving privacy, users can select their own nickname to be shown, and the location will only be visible inside the building/venue. Once the users leave the Wi-Fi network, tracking stops, and others will see “No position available”. Find My Friends is a real-time service and no user locations are stored by MazeMap.

Example of how your are anonymous and can choose your own nickname

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