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Why office navigation?

Offices are collaborative spaces that benefit greatly from smart solutions to help the work day run smoothly. We provide solutions to help organizations fully utilize their building space, monitor occupancy, manage bookable workspaces, and coordinate meetings successfully.

Help employees have a more efficient workday

Digital wayfinding in the workplace reduces uncertainty, and allows employees to navigate to exactly where they need to be. Instead of spending time looking for specific workspaces or rooms, employees can get A to B directions to their chosen destination, reducing stress and freeing up more time for productivity.

Office map
Meeting room booking

Take the stress out of planning meetings

Organizing meetings can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding available rooms. With MazeMap’s meeting room booking tool, users can see where meeting rooms are located around the building, locate the closest available rooms, and sync bookings up with their calendar. Our intuitive color coding system allows the user to see at-a-glance which rooms are available and which are in use. In addition to room booking, users can reserve desk spaces, or any other types of workspaces you want to make bookable.

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Utilize all of your office space

Indoor maps allow you to overlay many different types of building data, from space visualization tools, to heatmaps. These tools help you to manage space utilization and even monitor which types of spaces are most frequently used. This kind of information can help you to allocate budgets for space renovations so that you can make sure you're using the space you have in the best possible way.

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Office occupancy monitoring
Office wayfinding

Make building management easier

MazeMap can be added to information kiosks or connected to visitor check-in systems, allowing visitors to come and go easily. We can also integrate with your facilities management system (FMS) to allow you to manage and connect your building data without the frustration of having separate, siloed systems.

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Derrick Stone, Director of Software Development, UVA

“The implementation team was competent and friendly, and each step in the engagement went exactly as Mazemap predicted. They are responsive and available, and have made every change we have requested. I have been very happy with our decision to select Mazemap as our mapping vendor.”

- Derrick Stone, Director of Software Development at UVA

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