System Integrations

Integrate with your existing applications

Timetabling integrations

Add value to your existing services

Once you have your map in place, only your imagination sets the limit as to how it can be put to use. Indoor maps represent an infrastructure that can be utilized to enhance a number of existing services and applications. The possibilities are endless and we are always willing to help you implement new use cases.

Interface showing room information such as climate stats and room features, as well as when it's reserved during the day

Example: Outlook Exchange Integration

In Outlook, you can get automatic map links attached to your meeting invites as you send out invitations to your colleagues. In many university timetabling systems, you can also get automatic map links to direct users to their classes.

Example: Info Screens

MazeMap is perfect as a plug-in module on an info screen, where visitors can use the search functionality and get a route to the particular room or person they are trying to find. You can either embed our service out-of-the box in your own system, or make an even more customized version using our APIs.

Hand touching a large info screen with MazeMap on it

Example: Hospital Kiosks

Because MazeMap runs on modern web technology, the maps can be integrated in many existing systems, such as information kiosks.

Together with Imatis, MazeMap provides a standard solution for searchable maps on kiosks around St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim. These maps are also integrated with the self-service check-in system and can guide patients to their next destination.

Example: Maps in Mobile Applications

We provide APIs that let you embed your map quickly and easily into your organization’s website. If you have your own branded app, you can also embed your map and additional services into the application.

A mobile app where the screen is showing an example of an alarm going off with routing to where it was triggered.

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