Indoor and Outdoor Maps

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Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor directions

Many mapping platforms show users how to get from their home to their destination building, but once they arrive at the entrance, they’re left to navigate a maze of corridors alone. MazeMap doesn’t just leave your users at the door. Our intuitive, easy-to-use maps show users where everything is located INSIDE of the building. We can also provide driving, cycling, walking, and public transport directions, plus integration with local bus and train timetables.

View maps in our app OR in your web browser

Users can choose to download the MazeMap app or open the map in their web browser. The app is ideal for regular building users and the web browser version comes in handy for those who are new to the building or just visiting.

Accessible directions for users with disabilities or visual impairments

Our ‘avoid stairs and obstacles’ option allows users to navigate via wheelchair-friendly routes, finding ramps and elevators over stairs and steps. For users with visual impairments, our high contrast and screen reading functions allow users to find their destination hassle-free.

Room highlighted on MazeMap on a phone

Clickable and searchable maps

Our search function allows users to search for specific rooms, departments, or points of interest on the map. Alternatively, users can click their desired location on the map to see directions.

Sharable directions and points of interest (POIs)

Users can share either A to B directions or POIs with the share button, which generates a URL and QR code. These URLs can be shared individually, or they can be integrated with appointment reminder systems, timetabling systems, spacing booking solutions, and more.

Available in kiosk mode

MazeMap is available in kiosk mode, allowing visitors to search for points of interest when they enter the building.

Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Different map views for different user groups

Choose which views of your maps are available to which user groups. This allows you to keep certain areas of your building private or accessible to only those who have login credentials.

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Get creative

Our maps are highly customizable and can act as a base for you to overlay data. We have a JS API that allows you to integrate third-party systems with MazeMap, such as Facilities Management Systems (FMS), smart building technology, and more.

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A scalable solution

MazeMap is easy to scale, meaning you can start small and add-on as you go. To learn more about our add-ons, see our solutions pages

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