3D Maps

Create an immersive experience for your stakeholders with 3D maps. Visualize your workspace for better planning, facility management and employee experience.

Why 3D?

Make navigation and interpretation more intuitive

A 3D map becomes the digital twin of your facility

Make your space more predictable and illustrate a realistic scale of objects and distance

Showcase the smallest details for better understanding of available equipment, features, furniture, etc.

Provide a 360 degree view to those who are not familiar with the space

Accurate visualization of current position and sought after destinations

Indoor Mapping Technology
Track hospital equipment

How can I get 3D maps?

Existing customers

Existing customers are eligible to upgrade to enhanced 3D maps at no additional cost. The Premium version of 3D maps is available for an additional cost. Contact your sales representative or CSM for more information.

New customers
New customers can opt for either the enhanced or Premium version at the outset. Learn more about our solution with a free demo session.

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