No more lost medical equipment

Our Asset Visualization elevates Hospital Asset Tracking techniques to seamlessly locate and manage medical equipment in real time. Learn more >>

Keep track of important hospital assets

Track and trace moving objects, such as people, machinery, and equipment. MazeMap allows you to tag your assets with either BLE, RFID, or GPS to create a visual overview of where your chosen assets are located.

Track your most important assets
Track hospital equipment

For hospitals: locate vital equipment

Our live asset visualization feature allows hospitals to keep track of important medical equipment, such as IV pumps, ventilators, beds, and wheelchairs. Assets can be viewed live on the map and you can see how long it will take you to navigate to them, saving medical staff valuable time.

Create a customized solution with our JavaScript API

Our JavaScript API allows you to build on top of your maps to create an interactive experience.

Find out more about our API here >
Create customized map solutions with our JS APIs

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