How To Get Started With MazeMap

Our step-by-step guide below outlines the process for getting set up with MazeMap. Go to the guide >>

Take a look at our solutions and decide which ones you’re interested in. You can also take a look at our industry pages to see which features are recommended for your organization type.


Book a demo with us to see our solutions in action. This is a great opportunity to discuss your business needs and to ask us any questions you might have. Our solutions are flexible and we’re always happy to discuss how they can be tailored to you specifically.

Book a demo
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Once you’ve chosen your custom solution, your sales contact will assign you a dedicated Customer Success Manager. You’ll be asked to send over your CAD floorplans for the areas you’d like to have mapped. They’ll also ask you for a list of points of interest that you’d like to have displayed on your map. Your floorplans are then uploaded to our system, where AI converts them into a 3D map. From there, our diligent Customer Success Technicians will quality check your maps to make sure everything is set up correctly.

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Depending on what other solutions you choose, you’ll meet with the MazeMap team to get these features set-up with your map. If you decide to tailor your own solutions using our JS API, you can find helpful documentation here.

Go to JS API documentation >

Going forward your Customer Success Manager will be on hand to check in with you and help you with any integrations you might choose to implement in the future. Our products are scalable, meaning that it’s easy to start with one or two solutions and build upon and modify these to suit changing business needs.

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