Desk Booking

Book a workspace quickly and easily

Four desks where two are marked orange for occupied and two are green for available.

Find a free desk space

With MazeMap’s desk booking tool, you can use indoor positioning to locate the closest available desk space. See available desks in an interactive and user-friendly format, with an intuitive color-coding system letting you know which ones are booked and which ones are free.

Desk booking system
A phone and computer side by side showing workspace booking

Book workspaces in just a few clicks

With MazeMap’s space booking tool, you can secure a room or desk quickly and easily. What’s more, we can integrate with Google and Outlook calendars, or your university timetabling system. You’ll see a URL appear in your schedule, which will give you directions to the workspace. You can use the map on mobile, tablet, or computer and it doesn’t require an app. We combine indoor and outdoor directions too, so you can navigate seamlessly from your home to your required destination.

Save time

MazeMap’s desk booking feature buys your students or staff more time in their day. Instead of wandering around the university campus or office building looking for a place to work, MazeMap can help them navigate to where they need to be fast.

Book a desk
Storyboard of automatic unbooking
Office desk booking system illustration

Worried about people not showing up? Don't worry.

We've now developed a new function that is able to check if people actually show up to their booking. Our new Wi-Fi AutoUnbook will regularly check if the person booking a desk shows up - if not we cancel the booking, allowing others to utilize the workstation. This is a scalable way of implementing automatic unbooking, and is much more cost-efficient than traditional methods using hardware.

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