Despite their best efforts, CIOs and Facilities Managers face the issue of overbooked and underutilized spaces. This challenge not only hampers productivity but also incurs significant hidden costs which the same individuals are trying hard to cut down on. So, what's the solution? Let's delve into the underlying reason for this problem and uncover a game-changing approach.

The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Space Management

Lost Productivity: A significant portion of employees' time is wasted searching for available meeting rooms. According to an article by Wall Street Journal, 40% of employees waste upto 3 weeks a year just trying to find a suitable meeting space​​. This adds up to a substantial amount of lost productivity over the course of a year.

Underutilization of Meeting Rooms: Despite the struggle to find available rooms, the global average usage rate of meeting rooms is only 35% (WSJ). This discrepancy indicates that while booking meeting spaces is a common challenge, the existing rooms are not being used to their full potential. Improving how these spaces are managed can significantly enhance overall office efficiency.

Financial Implications: The financial impact is just as concerning. The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) reports that real estate typically represents the second-highest expense for companies, after payroll. According to this article by Inc., for every 100 meeting rooms, the cost of underutilized space can exceed $1.4 million per year, factoring in rent, utilities, and other operational expenses​.

Employee Morale: The constant hassle of finding available meeting rooms can frustrate employees and lower their job satisfaction. Many workers spend a considerable amount of time each day just looking for a meeting space, which detracts from their overall productivity and morale.

Inefficient meeting room usage is a costly oversight.

The Modern Solution: Space Booking and Wayfinding Systems

MazeMap combines meeting room and desk booking with advanced wayfinding capabilities. But how does this actually work to solve the pressing issues faced by corporate offices?

Real-Time Availability and Booking: MazeMap allows employees to see real-time availability of meeting rooms and desks. This transparency ensures that booking conflicts are minimized, and spaces are utilized efficiently.

Real-time visibility into availability of meeting rooms or desks

Seamless Integration: The system integrates with existing calendar applications, making it easy for employees to book rooms without leaving their workflow. This reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and increases productivity.

Enhanced Wayfinding: One of the standout features of MazeMap is its wayfinding capability. In large corporate campuses, finding the booked room can be as challenging as booking it. MazeMap provides interactive indoor maps that guide employees to their destination, saving time and reducing stress.

The powerful Room Booking solution combined with Wayfinding helps save time for employees

Data-Driven Insights: MazeMap provides analytics on space usage, helping facilities managers make informed decisions about their office and resource allocation. For instance, if certain rooms are consistently underutilized, you can reconfigure the space to better meet employee needs.

Desk and Meeting Room Booking with Wi-Fi AutoUnbook

MazeMap also provides an advanced booking solution with Wi-Fi AutoUnbook, addressing the problem of wasted meeting rooms. This innovative feature uses the Wi-Fi network to detect if a user has arrived for their booking, eliminating the need for hardware sensors. If the user does not show up, the booking is automatically canceled, preventing ghost bookings. This ensures meeting rooms and desks are effectively utilized, enhancing space management and reducing unnecessary operational costs.

How It Works:

Booking: Employees can see available desks and meeting rooms at a glance through color-coding, all of which are easily bookable with one click through MazeMap and integrated with their calendar.

Unbooking: AutoUnbook runs regularly and checks if there are recent Wi-Fi events from the user who made the booking. If none are detected, the resource is canceled and made available for others.


  • High scalability with significant cost savings compared to traditional hardware sensors.
  • Effective workspace management through an intuitive map.
  • Optimal resource usage as unused desks and rooms become free for others to use.

Significant ROI with Wi-Fi AutoUnbook

Implementing MazeMap's Wi-Fi AutoUnbook can lead to considerable cost savings and efficiency improvements. Here are some impactful results:

  • Desks: By preventing ghost bookings, companies can save up to 4,500 Euros per desk annually. This translates to substantial savings, especially in large organizations with numerous desks.
  • Meeting Rooms: Data from existing customers shows that as much as 22% of all bookings of meeting rooms are ghost bookings. By reclaiming these rooms, companies can optimize space usage and achieve savings of up to 150,000 Euros per year.

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