MazeMap and Cisco’s partnership goes back to 2014, when MazeMap became Cisco’s preferred solution partner. Over the years, our partnership has continued to grow, with MazeMap developing strong solutions with Cisco Webex and Cisco Spaces. The most recent addition to the MazeMap and Cisco partnership sees MazeMap added to the Cisco global price list (GPL).

Currently you’ll find the following MazeMap services available on the GPL:

  • Workspace Finder - Find workspaces based on where users are located using their mobile devices or from Webex Room devices.
  • Workspace Finder/Booker with wayfinding - Interactive wayfinding and indoor positioning, with the possibility of finding available workspaces, booking workspaces now and freeing up booked workspaces if there is a ‘no-show’.

These services can also be integrated with:

  • Kiosk mode for Webex Devices
  • Outlook 365 / Google calendar integrations / Cisco hybrid calendar service

To find out more about our partnership and to view more information about the available packages on the GPL, see our Cisco page.

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