More organisations are incorporating more digital processes into their day-to-day building management. From setting up digital twins, to real-time asset tracking, to sensor systems for smart building management. These systems help to create a more efficient workflow, making the day-to-day building operations run smoothly.

When combined with a wayfinding tool such as MazeMap, users can get a visual overview of these technologies on one map. MazeMap removes silos between different systems, allowing users to see all of their building data in one place.

Keep track of both static and moving assets

Users can track both static and moving assets on their maps. Devices such as printers, PCs or even communal laundry machines can be displayed on the maps, along with their real time status updates. Users can see how much ink is left in the printer, which PCs are available, or how long is left on their laundry cycle, all from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

When it comes to tracking moving assets, our integration with Cisco Spaces and Stanley Healthcare allows users to see where their assets are located around the building or campus, in real time. Users can then use the direction tool to get directions to their chosen asset. Hospital equipment, cleaning trolleys and are examples of some great use cases for our asset tracking feature.

Book workspaces, rooms or desks

MazeMap can also work with occupancy sensors and space booking systems to allow users to book a work, study or meeting space in advance. With PIR sensors and Indoor IoT services from Cisco, employees can see in real-time which desks, rooms and other spaces are occupied. If the booking is a no-show, MazeMap can free up the space after a certain amount of idle time (specified by the administrator) to make it available for others.

A computer showing an example of room booking

Get a real time overview of building occupancy

Heatmaps are a great business intelligence tool, allowing you to see which areas of your building are used most. Building layouts can be adjusted to make sure that your space is being used to its full potential. With increasing rent prices, it’s more important than ever to maximise the utilization of the space you already have.

A computer screen showing the heat maps function in MazeMap

Connect with smart building technology

In addition to tracking physical assets, it’s also possible to connect with smart building systems. For example, by connecting to smart heating and cooling systems, temperature and humidity around the building can be tracked and adjusted accordingly. Areas that aren’t currently in use can have the heating or air conditioning levels turned down, saving you money on running costs.

Sensor Visualizations - Temperature and Co2

Ultimately, MazeMap is a highly flexible and scalable platform that provides a base on which users can visualize their Internet of Things. By having all of your data visualized in one place, MazeMap gives users a highly efficient way to manage their day-to-day building operations.

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